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Silenus-Marsyas-Terracotta-Plaque-back-red-museum-shop-italy.jpg  3000 × 3000px  Silenus Marsyas Terracotta Plaque
Silenus Marsyas Terracotta Plaque
Silenus Marsyas Terracotta Plaque
Silenus Marsyas Terracotta Plaque
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Silenus Marsyas Terracotta Plaque

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Plate in terracotta with the bas-relief of Silenus worked in ancient technique . T rat from a matrix of the first century. BC of the ancient Greece, preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Arezzo.

The plate depicts Silenus, the god of the Marsyas river,  in a vintage scene. In Greek mythology , is the protagonist of the legend that sees collecting the flute thrown by the goddess Athena and then playing it so divinely that the god Apollo decided to challenge him. 

The silenus was the spirit of grape pressing, and was often multiplied in a large group, that of the sileni, minor divinities of the woods. In Greek art, these figures are represented with bald heads and equine legs and are present in almost all Dionysian images.

Wall plate with decorations

Beautiful reproduction with colorful background and detailed engravings that will make your home more precious


  • Material: terracotta, handmade
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Dimensions: 9,84" H (25 cm) x 6,88" W (17.5 cm) x 0,78" D (2 cm)
  • Weight: 1,63 inch (0.740 kg)

Produced in Italy

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