Official licensee for Merchandising of Pompeii Herculaneum Paestum Napoli

Shipping policy

National territory of Italy

Free Shipping
Express courier

Shipments abroad

Europe Zone 1

Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands Antilles, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain

Free Shipping Express Courier € 50,00 - € 10000 Free
Express Courier 10.1kg–30kg 22,00 €
Express Courier 3.1kg–10kg 16,00 €
Express Courier 2.1kg–3kg 15,50 €
Express Courier 1.1kg–2kg 12,50 €
Express Courier 0.6kg–1kg 9,50 €
Express Courier 0kg–0.5kg 8,00 €

Europe Zone 2

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, United Kingdom

Fedex 10.1kg–30kg 25,00 €
Fedex 5.1kg–10kg 21,00 €
Fedex 3.1kg–5kg 12,50 €
Fedex 2.1kg–3kg 21,00 €
Fedex 1.6kg–2kg 17,00 €
Fedex 0.6kg–1kg 12,00 €
Fedex 0kg–0.5kg 9,50 €
Fedex 1.1kg–1.5kg 14,00 €
Free Shipping Express Courier €50,00 - € 1000 Free

Europe Zone 3

Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Malta, Moldova, Republic of, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine

Free Shipping € 100,00 - € 10000 Free
Express Courier 10.1kg–30kg 34,00 €
Express Courier 5.1kg–10kg 29,00 €
Express Courier 3.1kg–5kg 25,00 €
Express Courier 2.1kg–3kg 24,00 €
Express Courier 1.1kg–2kg 20,50 €
Express Courier 0.6kg–1kg 16,00 €
Express Courier 0kg–0.5kg 13,00 €

Zona Usa, Canada

Fedex 25kg–30kg 128,00 €
Fedex 20kg–25kg 108,00 €
Fedex 19kg–20kg 104,00 €
Fedex 18kg–19kg 99,00 €
Fedex 17kg–18kg 94,00 €
Fedex 16kg–17kg 89,00 €
Fedex 15kg–16kg 84,00 €
Fedex 14kg–15kg 78,50 €
Fedex 13kg–14kg 73,50 €
Fedex 12kg–13kg 68,50 €
Fedex 11kg–12kg 63,50 €
Fedex 10kg–11kg 58,50 €
Fedex 9kg–10kg 53,50 €
Fedex 8kg–9kg 43,50 €
Fedex 7kg–8kg 38,50 €
Fedex 6kg–7kg 38,50 €
Fedex 5kg–6kg 33,50 €
Fedex 4kg–5kg 28,50 €
Fedex 3kg–4kg 25,00 €
Fedex 2kg–3kg 21,00 €
Fedex 1kg–2kg 12,50 €
Fedex 0kg–1kg 11,00 €
Free Shipping Express Courier €100,00 - € 10000 Free

Warning! The export customs duties are fully borne by Enclopius Edizioni Sas. Any customs import charges are to be paid by the recipient and will be charged upon delivery.
Enclopius Edizioni Sas has no control over the customs import data which may vary from country to country.

  • Order preparation
From the moment you place an order on, the time needed to prepare your package and then send it depends on the availability of the products. If during the processing of an order, a product is no longer available, because it is out of stock or cannot be found in the warehouse, an e-mail will inform you of the problem and your order will be updated with the elimination of the unavailable item. The other products will be shipped and the amount of the unavailable item will be automatically deducted from the total expense indicated during the purchase, regardless of the payment method chosen. The customer will be offered different solutions for the conclusion of the order.
  • Shipping
Once the order has been prepared with all the products it has purchased, Enclopius Edizioni Sas will ship them with the indicated delivery method. If, during the fulfillment of the order, unexpected events of any kind occur (delays, exhaustion of a product, etc.), we will promptly inform you via e-mail of the status of the order.
  • Delivery

Once your order is ready, delivery will take place no later than the deadline entered in the description of the product purchased. The shipping price depends on the chosen method (the weight of the product, the destination) and is independent of the type and number of products purchased