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Hermes Bust in marble 28 cm

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Bust of Hermes, reproduction in Carrara marble of the original Greek statue Hermes and Dionysus, 330 BC, kept in the Archaeological Museum of Olympia.

Hermes is a god of Greek mythology, in Rome he is known as Mercury. For the ancient Greeks, the spirit of passage and crossing was embodied in Hermes: they believed that the god manifested himself in any type of exchange, transfer, violation, overcoming, change, transit, all concepts that in some way refer to a passage from one place, or from one state, to another. This explains him being related to the changes in the lot of men and why he was one of the few who was allowed to go to the Underworld.

  • Material: recomposed Carrara marble
  • Hand patinated
  • Base: marble
  • Dimensions: Height 28 cm x Width. 20 cm x Depth 13 cm
  • Weight: 3,220 Kg



Pausanias, the writer and geographer of the second century. A.D. accurately described this statue. Thanks to its description it was possible to attribute it to Praxiteles, the great Greek sculptor of the 4th century BC.

The God Hermes holds in the left arm the small Dionysus which seems to reach out towards a bunch of grapes which the god probably held with his right hand.

"The myth tells that the young god was ordained by Zeus to bring the newborn Dionysus, immediately after the miraculous birth from the thigh of the father of the Gods, to the mythical land of Nisa, to entrust him to the Nymphs who would raise him away from Hera's jealousy.

"It is the only one original sculpture come down to us from antiquity attributable with certainty to Praxiteles, an artist who expressed his particular talent in a way he found no equal. In this work the realistic trends of the era, like the texture of the hanging fabric that makes it seem real, blend that theintrospective idealism that pervades the figure of the god, giving it an unsurpassed charm. "

Photin N. Zaphiropolous


Produced in Italy



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