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Faun with pipes in bronze Grand Tour collection - Statue

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Faun with pipes bronze statue. Reproduction based on a drawing found during the excavations of Pompeii. These bronzes were part of the Grand Tour collection, statues produced in 1880 mainly by Italian and French sculptors for tourists visiting Europe. 

Hellenic god, often depicted with goat legs with a human bust.

The faun was a deity who, according to the myth, did not reside on Olympus, but in the woods and frightened anyone who disturbed him with his frightening voice. The god of fields and pastures is at the center of several legends also about his origins. One of his narratives believes him to be the son of Zeus and the nymph Callisto. 

It represented nature as a whole for good and bad. God of fecundity and unbridled freedom, the birth of the flute was attributed to him. It is said, in fact, that the nymph Syringe, in order to escape him, invoked the help of the Naiads and then was transformed by them into marsh reed. The faun, listening to that sound given by the blowing of the wind, decided to build the instrument. 

  • Material: Bronze, lost wax casting
  • Dimension: Height 40.5 x Width 30 
  • Base: 11 cm

A beautiful statue perfect for decorating your home.

Produced in Italy


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