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Privacy and sales conditions

  • Order preparation
From the moment you place an order on, the time needed to prepare your package and then ship it depends on the availability of the products. If during the fulfillment of an order a product is no longer available, because it is out of stock or cannot be found in the warehouse, an e-mail will inform you of the inconvenience and your order will be updated with the elimination of the unavailable item. The other products will be shipped and the amount of the unavailable item will be automatically deducted from the total expense indicated during the purchase, regardless of the payment method chosen. The different solutions for the conclusion of the order will be proposed to the customer.
  • Shipping
Once the order has been prepared with all the products it has purchased, Enclopius Edizioni Sas will ship them with the delivery method indicated. If, during the order fulfillment, unexpected events of any kind occur (delays, exhaustion of a product, etc.), we will promptly inform you via e-mail of the status of the order.
  • Delivery

Once your order is ready, delivery will take place no later than the deadline entered in the description of the product purchased. The shipping price depends on the chosen method (the weight of the product, the destination) and is independent of the type and number of products purchased.

National territory

< td rowspan = "7"> Delivery within 1-3 working days from finding the product < / tr>

Shipping abroad

Europe Zone 1

Weight of the order Shipping costs (VAT included) Shipping method Delivery times
0-1kg 4,50 € Express Courier / GLS Italy
1-5kg 7.00 €
5-10kg € 10.00
10-25kg 12.00 €
25-50kg 19.00 €
50-75kg 25.00 €
75-100kg 33.00 €
Order weight Charges shipping (VAT in clusa Shipping countries Shipping methods Delivery times
0-1kg 13.00 € Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, Slovenia, Hungary Poste Italiane Delivery within 6-7 working days from finding the product
1-2kg 19, 00 €
2-5kg 24,00 € Corriere Espresso / GLS Italy
5-10kg 27.00 €
10-15kg 30 .00 €
15-20kg 33.00 €

Europe Zone 2

Order weight < / td> Shipping costs (VAT included) Country of delivery Shipping method Delivery times
0-1kg 13.00 € B ulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Greece (excluding islands), Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Portugal (including Madeira), Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Spain (excluding Balearic Islands), Sweden Poste Italiane Delivery within 6-7 working days from finding the product
1-2kg < / td> 19.00 €
2-5kg 35.00 € Express Courier / GLS Italy
5-10kg 42.00 €
10-15kg 51.00 €
15-20kg 58.00 €
20-30kg 72.00 €

Zone Europe 3

< td> Country of dispatch
Order weight Shipping costs Method of dispatch Delivery times
0-1kg 13 , 00 € Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Principality of Monaco Poste Italiane Delivery within 6-7 working days from product procurement
1-2kg 19.00 €
2-5dkg € 40.00 Express Courier / GLS Italy
5-10kg 47.00 €
10-20kg 55.00 € < / td>

Zone 4

Weight of the order Shipping costs Country of delivery Shipping method Delivery time
0-1kg 24,00 € USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, Brazil Poste Italiane Delivery within 9-10 working days of finding the product
1-2kg 34.00 €
2-5kg 54.00 € < / td> Express Courier / GLS Italy
5-10kg € 73.00
10-15kg 105.00 €
15-20kg 137.00 €
20-25kg € 162.00

Attention! The export customs duties are fully borne by Enclopius Edizioni Sas. Any customs import charges are to be paid by the recipient and will be charged upon delivery.
Enclopius Edizioni Sas has no control over the customs import data which may vary from country to country.


Enclopius Edizioni sas is attentive to the protection of customer privacy and supports a corporate transparency policy on how we collect, use and disclose personal data. The mission of Enclopius Edizioni sas is to constantly exceed customer expectations regarding the products supplied. We try to create an experience that meets the needs of visitors by responsibly using the information that is provided to us. Enclopius Edizioni sas undertakes to respect customer privacy and to comply with data protection principles and international privacy laws. This Privacy Policy provides an explanation of the information we collect, the use we make of it, how the use of that information can improve customer navigation on our website and the relationship with us, the reasons and people with which we can share information about, and the choices the customer can make regarding our use of the information. We also describe the measures we take to protect the security of information and the ways in which the customer can contact us to learn about our privacy policies. We want to help you make informed decisions, so please take a moment to read the sections below.


In the context of this privacy statement, "personal data" means information relating to an identifiable person.


The personal data we collect may include at least some of the following information:

  • Contact information (such as name, address, e-mail and telephone number for communications)
  • Demographic information (such as gender and language of communication).


We use personal data to:

  • Provide users with personalized services and interactive communication;
  • Do all the necessary operations to administer the aforementioned services;
  • Perform research, development, management , protection and improvement of the aforementioned services;
  • Point out to users new products and current events that may be of interest to them;
  • Develop and maintain our relationships and communications with the user.


We do not sell, license, market or rent the personal data collected to third parties, except with the explicit consent of the user. Enclopius Edizioni Sas can share personal data with third parties hired to provide services and assistance to the user or to perform one or more of the activities listed above. These service providers are prohibited from using personal data for any other purpose other than to provide the requested service.


To respect the commitment to keep customers informed, you can write, send e-mails, call or contact the customer to inform them of the new products and services of Enclopius Edizioni Sas or of special offers, events, improvements or other information. important things that might interest you. We want to keep our site visitors informed and able to take advantage of the advantages offered by Enclopius Edizioni Sas.


Enclopius Edizioni Sas recognizes the importance of information security, and constantly reviews and improves the technical, physical and logical safety rules and procedures. The website and server owned by Enclopius Edizioni Sas are provided with security measures that help protect the customer's identifiable personal information under his control against accidental loss, abuse, illegal or unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration.


Enclopius Edizioni Sas reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. The privacy policy on this website must be considered the one in force when accessing the site.