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Flying Mercury (Hermes) Marble Statue

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Mercury (Hermes) flying Carrara marble reproduction  of the statue of Giambologna 1580, which crowned the fountain of Villa Medici,  Rome , or exhibited at the Bargello National Museum Florence . 

Hermes is a God of Greek mythology, in Rome it is known as MercuryFor the ancient Greeks, the spirit of passage and crossing was embodied in Hermes: they believed that the god manifested himself in any type of exchange, transfer, violation, overcoming, change, transit, all concepts that in some way refer to a passage from one place, or from one state, to another. This explains him being related to the changes in the lot of men and why he was one of the few who was allowed to go to the Underworld.

  • Material: recomposed Carrara marble
  • Hand patinated
  • Base: marble
  • Dimensions: Height 39cm x Width 8cm x Depth 14cm
  • Weight: 0,900 Kg

Produced in Italy


Esposto a: Firenze, Museo Nazionale del Bargello
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