DVD ''Tutto di Pompei''

DVD ''Tutto di Pompei''

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These two DVDs look at ancient Pompeii from different perspectives to provide a fascinating picture of life 2000 years ago.

DVD 1: Love, Life and Death in Pompeii
No other place gives us such a sense of the ancient world as the narrow streets of Pompeii and Herculaneum. But what do these ruins really tell us? How did the people in the towns around Mt. Vesuvius live and love - and how did they die? From politicians to gods, from workshops to rental notices: this fi lm follows the traces that the Romans left behind. What roles did women and slaves play? Where did the Pompeians sleep? And what was their favourite vice in the taverns?
Colourful stories, elaborate 3D reconstructions and explanations from internationally renowned classical scholars make Pompeii and Herculaneum come alive again.

DVD 2: The Treasures of Pompeii
in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples The National Museum shows visitors things they can no longer see in Pompeii: the breathtaking treasure trove of fi nds that tell us so much about life in the Roman Empire – the sensational frescos and mosaics, but also pots and pans, locks and drinking glasses; and last but not least erotic fantasies so explicit that they were kept under lock and key for decades.
And then there are the incomparable works of classical art from the Farnese Collection: the treasures in the National Archaeological Museum reveal the ancient world in all its diversity and tell the exciting story of its rediscovery. 

Multilanguage DVD: GER, ENG, ESP, FRA, ITA, JAP, CHI, RUS

NTSC or PAL standards available; picture format 16:9; ca. 150 min



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