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Mug Tivoli



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Canopo, Tivoli, Villa Adriana


The Emperor Hadrian took great interest in Literature and the Arts and was much more cultured than other Roman Emperors. He especially loved Greek civilisation and culture and this admiration was demonstrated in many ways. He granted special privileges to the citizens of Athens and greatly enhanced the city with important architectural works and adopted Hellenic customs. His love affair with Antinoo, a beautiful Greek youth from Bitinia was also experienced with Hellenic flair. When Antinoo was drowned in the Nile, Hadrian founded a city at the place of his death and called it Antinopolis in memory of his young lover. Whereas Alexander the Great had merely worshipped his lover Efestione on a heroic pedestal, Hadrian's worship raised his lover Antinoo to the status of a God. Statues of Antinoo were created throughout the Empire and today, these can be seen in some of the most important museums around the world. During his reign, Hadrian travelled extensively throughout the empire, partly for political reasons but also out of an immense passion for the Arts and, in particula, Greek culture. His travels were the font of his inspiration for the Villa in Tivoli, which he had built alluding to the great cultural monuments of Ancient Greece recreating the architecture of Alexandria and Classical Athens, somewhat like a theme park. For instance, the Canopo recalled the famous canal that linked Alexandria with Canopo, the port on the Nile Delta. Hadrian was a sympathiser of the Epicurean school of philosophy which held that the fear of death was but an unfounded irritation and tales of an after-life were but tales for superstitious plebeians. Nevertheless, Hadrian wrote a well-known poem in which he consoles his ''little soul'' on the fact that it would soon be wandering in a cold and gloomy after-world.


Prodotto completamente realizzato in Italia, utilizzabile nel microonde, lavabile in lavastoviglie.


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